Ammonia Crackers

Dissociated Ammonia Atmospheres

James Hogg Ammonia Systems ammonia crackers are used to create a dissociated ammonia atmosphere, i.e free hydrogen and nitrogen, which is used in a variety of heat treatment applications where protective atmospheres are required:

  • Bright annealing and brazing of high alloy steels, magnetic steels and rare metals

  • Bright tempering of castings

  • Sintering of powders

  • Nitriding of steels

  • Carbo-nitriding

  • Any application where it is absolutely necessary to avoid surface oxidation

  • As a substitute for exothermic and endothermic-base atmospheres when a smaller output is acceptable

Advantages of Dissociated Ammonia Atmospheres

  • High quality

  • High purity

  • Nitrogen and Hydrogen can be used for any purpose without further treatment

  • Transportation and handling of ammonia cylinders is not difficult

  • Ammonia contains no oxygen

  • Ammonia liquid and vapour are lighter than water and air

  • The Hydrogen and Nitrogen produced by decomposition is cheaper than other methods

HT1 Cracker Datasheet

HT1 Cracker Manual

M1 Cracker Datasheet

M1 Cracker Manual